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I would like to introduce you all to a very special friend of mine called Captain Bulldog.


Captain Bulldog is a retro vintage 90's Patamates plushie Bulldog. I looked after his Grandpappy- Captain Bulldog senior when I was a little girl. I let him go to heaven to look after my Grandad when he passed away.

Many years later I saw this Captain up for adoption on eBay and invited him to live with us of course! He loves biscuits and a tot of rum in memory of Grandad who was in the Royal Navy. 

Unlike my Grandad he is a captain of the air, not the sea, as you can see by his rather dashing flying jacket and helmet.


In brief: Just a little plushie Doggo who loves an adventure. The goodest boi of them all! Adopted: 08/04/2024 

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