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My name is Daisy-May but you can call me Daisy.

My artistic journey started when I was very young.


I  wanted to be an author and illustrator but my life took a different path. I struggled with depression and psychosis throughout my adolescence. It eventually led towards me being sectioned for the first time at aged 19.


Following a further two admissions to hospital, medication and regular psychotherapy sessions I am pleased to say I am now managing my mental health. Art, of course has played a huge part of my recovery. 

After my last section (a section is when you are placed in hospital under specialist care without your consent) I did a course of art psychotherapy. Through this group I learnt how to express and explain my feelings using art.



I am not quiet were I want to be in life, but it is much better than it used to be.I currently work as a Front of House staff member, but I am retraining.


In between shifts and college you'll often find me drawing another Rag's themed adventure or keyring.

I also enjoy taking Captain Bulldog on my adventures. The original Captain Bulldog was jointly owned by me and my Grandad. My Grandad was a huge positive influence in my life and I miss him dearly.

When he passed away we as a family decided that Captain Bulldog should go to heaven with him. I never saw another one until April 2024. It felt like fate. So he got purchased from eBay. 

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