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Who and What is Rags?

Rags is a digitally drawn inedible Gingerbread man. I use the app Procreate and an iPad to draw him. My earlier artworks were drawn using pencil, pen and sharpie markers.

Rags is based on a toy gingerbread man. He was a gift from one of my support workers (See About Me). He is made of cloth- Hence the name Rags.

Rags used to come everywhere with me, once I started getting better he happily retired from his adventures and 'returned' to the far away land.

Even though he is 'retired' that doesn't stop him getting himself into mischief! 
I hope you will all enjoy catching up on his adventures.


My Adventures as documented by the human known as:

Hi my name is Rags. Just plain Rags. (No fancy double barrel for me) I live in a teapot in a far away land and my human friend Daisy, draws and documents my adventures. Three things I like are:

  • Swimming

  • Pizza

  • Tea

CANNOT tell you the name of the far away land, but I can tell you this; The far away land is divided into multiple territories.

I resided in my green teapot in relative peace and had no real interest in exploring the other territories...

In the south there is a terrifying tundra in which a two headed beast roams. In the west there lives a mighty fine beast called Aurum.

Aurum has the head of a giraffe, the torso of a scaled beast, the behind of a lion and finally a magnificent plumage that would put the most proud of peacocks to shame.

To the east there is a great and formidable coven...Well that's enough yapping from me...

Come marvel at my adventures! 



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